Passionate and committed are two traits that define winemaker Jorge Martínez, who has been able to imprint his stamp on Viña Mancura wines, highlighting the freshness and fruitiness of each variety through expressive wines and great representatives of the different Chilean terroirs.

Protecting and sharing Chilean heritage is the main mission of Mancura, a winery that pays tribute to the mythological character of the condor of the Andes Mountain, who, according to legend, appears in the heights of the mountains bringing with him the sun and freshness. from the sea, which allows one of the best conditions in the world to produce high quality wines.

And it is that, from its beginnings, Mancura was born as a tribute to Chilean roots, traditions and origins, being a sustainable, socially responsible winery and one of the first in the country to obtain the Chilean Wine Sustainability Certificate.
None of this would be possible without its chief winemaker, Jorge Martínez, who has been with the group for 23 years and has been managing Mancura since 2011. Since then, he has put the best of himself in the search for the most remarkable expressions of each variety and each valley to give life to his oenological concept, which focuses on respect for the land and the genuine expressions that it delivers. to each variety.

“Mancura makes wines from the new world, which are a true reflection of the different terroirs throughout Chile. In this way, our consumers from all over the world will be able to learn about our country, through its different lines and varieties present in Mancura,” says Martínez. “Mancura hace vinos del nuevo mundo, que son un fiel reflejo de los diferentes terruños a lo largo y ancho de Chile. De esta forma, nuestros consumidores de todo el mundo podrán conocer sobre nuestro país, a través de sus diferentes líneas y variedades presentes en Mancura”, señala Martínez.

An agronomist from the University of Talca, Martínez has extensive experience in grape harvests in Spain and France, as well as technical tours to the most important wine-producing regions in the world.

His work is governed by respect for the land and by the genuine expression of its fruits. Jorge values ​​the natural characteristics of each variety, enhancing the national heritage by highlighting, with great mastery, ancestral varieties of Chile.