Seeking to express all his experience and knowledge in the production of New World wines, Mancura creates the Guardian line, a portfolio of wines with high-quality grapes made with heritage varieties.

Como un homenaje a las raíces, tradiciones y orígenes chilenos, viña Mancura busca preservar el patrimonio vitivinícola de Chile. Su nombre, rinde tributo al personaje mitológico del cóndor en la cordillera de Los Andes, quien, dice la leyenda, aparece en las alturas de las montañas trayendo consigo el sol y la frescura del mar, que permite una de las mejores condiciones del mundo para producir vinos de alta calidad.

As a tribute to Chilean roots, traditions and origins, Viña Mancura seeks to preserve Chile’s wine heritage. Its name pays tribute to the mythological character of the condor in the Andes Mountain range, who, according to legend, appears in the heights of the mountains bringing with him the sun and the freshness of the sea, which allows one of the best conditions in the world for produce high quality wines.

This is how, following this legend, Mancura is concerned with producing high quality wines at an affordable price, which reflect our country and its nature. Wines that reach consumers who want to deliver a better world to future generations.

Among them is Guardian, a line of wines mainly from the Maule Valley, the valley with the longest winemaking tradition in Chile, recognized for its ancestral vines, centuries-old vines and concentrated grapes. Mancura Guardian seeks to care for and develop this noble origin, bringing the heritage strains closer to the consumer.

This unique portfolio is made up of a País, with pleasant and juicy acidity; a Carignan, full-bodied and structured; two varieties that have a culture strongly rooted in the Chilean countryside and especially in the Maule Valley, in addition to a Cabernet Sauvignon, which stands out for its aromas of berries and its long and persistent finish; a Carmenère with aromas of berries and vanilla with rounded tannins and good structure; a Sauvignon Blanc with citrus aromas, exquisite acidity and mineral notes; a Chardonnay with citrus notes and a touch of honey; a Pinot Noir, fresh and elegant; and a Merlot, with aromas of black fruits and spices such as cinnamon and fresh herbs.

Without a doubt, Guardian is a line of wines that consolidates all the work carried out by the oenologist Jorge Martínez, who has put the best of himself in the search for the most remarkable expressions of each variety. Its oenological concept focuses on respect for the land and for the genuine expressions that it gives to each variety, so that Viña Mancura has remarkable wines with a young, expressive and high-quality character.