The imposing mountains of The Andes, which stand as a protective border all along the eastern end of Chile’s territory, have been since time immemorial, a rich source of myths and legends. The native peoples venerated their high peaks and perceived them as a source of endless energy. But also, as the home of divinities that inhabited both its depths and its almost unreachable heights.

A mountain range as powerful as the Andean Cordillera, honored by poets, painters and musicians, could not but have the manque or condor, the largest flying bird on the planet, as its powerful guardian and the one in charge of connecting the spirits of the earth and the sky. It is hence that in many Andean fables, Manque Cura (the Stone Condor) is mentioned as a creatures of great strength, intelligence and determination, responsible for keeping the perfect harmony of those amazingly beauty peaks.

Manque Cura also possessed the ability to dialogue with the cold and the warm winds that make his magnificent flight and that of the entire manque lineage possible. And also with the clouds which, when colliding with the mountain peaks, drop the rains that fill with life the valleys of this remote territory .

With our name –Mancura- we pay homage to this mythological figure by joining two of the syllables that make up its original identity. Because like him, our vineyards and fields have also learned to dialogue with the winter rains that soak their soils and with the freshnessd of the mountain breezes that moderate the ripening processes of the grapes.

Mancura was born in 2011 as the second adventure after the creation of Morandé Wine Group with the idea of expressing our deepest respect and admiration for the native peoples of our continent and our love and care for our land. So much so, that even before the creation of the Sustainability Code by Wines of Chile, the winery already met all its requirements, being the first officially certified in all three areas: vineyards (green), winery (red) and community (orange). 


Mancura typically makes wines of the new world which are a faithful reflection of the different terroirs to be found up and down the length of Chile. These are transferred to our wines. In this way our customers all over the world will be able to find out more about our country and especially about Mancura, through its different lines and varieties.

Jorge has carried out harvests in Spain and France and participated in technical tours to the most important wine producing regions in the world. In 2011 he assumed the management of Mancura’s wines, putting since then his best effort in finding the most remarkable expressions of each grape variety and valley to delight the palates of young consumers who look for new experiences. His winemaking philosophy is focused on respecting the land and the genuine expressions it bestows to each variety.

Wine cellar

Our winery, located in the Cachapoal Valley, is renowned
for its state-of-the-art technology, its vast capacity, the
eciency of its processes and its world-class certifications,
all of which allow us to obtain excellent products.






Vuelo Mágico

Mancura Sparkling Wine