Viña Mancura: A tribute to Chilean roots and traditions

Protect and share heritage through wines from ancestral varieties that honor Chilean roots and traditions. Mancura presents a solid portfolio of captivating and tremendously expressive wines. Wines that reflect Chile and its extraordinary nature.

For Viña Mancura, preserving the Chilean wine heritage is one of its main objectives. And it is that this vineyard, which pays homage to the mythological character of the condor in the Andes Mountain range, seeks to express all its experience and knowledge in the production of New World wines.

Its vineyards throughout Chile shelter ancestral varieties, which give rise to high-quality wines at affordable prices, wines that reflect Chile and its nature, that are a tribute to the roots, traditions and origins of our country.

The Maule Valley is one of the main origins of Mancura wines. About 260 km from Santiago, it is the largest and most diverse wine region in Chile. It has a Mediterranean climate and great influence of the cold wind that comes from the Andes Mountain range at night, which increases the daily thermal oscillation and reduces the period of maximum temperatures, helping the fruit to ripen in good conditions. In recent years, the Maule Valley has become the new cradle of Chilean wine, thanks to the richness of its lands and the large number of ancestral vines present: País, Cinsault, Carignan, are just some of the varieties that here finds their best source.

Mancura’s connection with the nature that surrounds it is such that it is one of the first to fully comply with the Wine of Chile sustainability code, in all its areas. In addition, it is committed to the efficient use of water and electricity resources and hopes to achieve the goal of reducing its consumption by 5% during 2022.

All these actions and the high quality of its wines is what has consolidated it as a brand of young, expressive and high-quality wines, receiving multiple +90 scores and various awards.